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Tape out of Synthetic fiber-reinforced polyester composite with PTFE micro-powder additions is a composite material based on polyester plastic reinforced with synthetic fabric. Has the best sliding performance and durability, which enable wide use of it in the production of guide rings. Excellent indicators of water resistance allow applying this material in fresh and sea water.

Tape for Guide Rings Data Sheet

Properties Value Unit
Hardness 100 HRM
Density 1,21 g/cm³
Compressive strength static 290 MPa
Compressive strength dynamic 80 MPa
Impact strength Izod 66 J/m2
Maximum sliding speed 2,5 m/s
Coefficient of Linear Expansion ( 25° - 100°C ) 6 - 7 10-5 (mm/mm)/ °C
Min. service temperature -40 °C
Max. service temperature +120 °C

All above established data results from random tests which were taken from the functioning production. All data was stated based on standard test-products in accordance with ISO, DIN and ASTM standards and can substantially not be extended to the completed seal. Our practical technical recommendation, either oral, written or through tests is given in conformity with our best knowledge. However, this data is to be regarded as non-obligatory advice, also taking into consideration any protective rights of a third party, and does not acquit you from making tests with our product in relation to its adaptability for the assigned process and intendment. Utilization, application and processing of the products befall completely outside of our control and are therefore solely your liability. As regards the responsibility, it will be limited to all damages in the value of the product which we delivered and you applied. Certainly, we do assure the immaculate quality of our products in concordance with our general sales and delivery conditions.

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