PTFE-4 elastomers material

Color – dark grey PTFE-4 material

PTFE-4 is a specialized material composed of filled semi-finished thermoplastics based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), with coke as its primary filler. This unique composition enhances the material’s mechanical properties and thermal stability, making it a superior choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

The key features of PTFE-4 include an extraordinarily broad operating temperature range, extending from -200°C to +260°C. This makes it suitable for use in environments that experience extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent performance regardless of thermal variations.

One of the standout characteristics of PTFE-4 is its very low friction coefficient. This property minimizes resistance and wear in mechanical components, thereby extending their operational life and reducing maintenance needs. Additionally, its high chemical resistance means that PTFE-4 can withstand exposure to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals without degrading, which is crucial for applications in chemical processing industries.

Furthermore, PTFE-4 is designed with a “non-stick” surface which is highly advantageous in applications where material adhesion can cause process interruptions or equipment failures. Unlike other materials, it does not absorb moisture, which helps in maintaining its structural integrity and mechanical properties even in humid or wet environments.

The incorporation of coke as a filler material in PTFE-4 also serves to reduce time-dependent deformations such as cold flow, and it increases the material’s resistance to extrusion. These improvements make PTFE-4 more durable and reliable compared to its counterparts like PTFE-1, especially in applications where the material is subjected to continuous or high mechanical stresses.

Overall, PTFE-4’s robust characteristics make it an ideal material for engineering applications that require high performance in adverse conditions. Its durability, coupled with its ability to resist harsh chemicals and low friction properties, ensures that it is an excellent choice for creating high-quality seals, gaskets, and linings in a multitude of industrial settings.

Application PTFE-4 material

PTFE-4 is a versatile engineering material ideal for the production of various sealing components, such as U-Rings, seals, anti-extrusion back-up rings, support rings, chevron seals, and guide rings. Its exceptional properties make it particularly well-suited for applications that are subjected to high thermal and chemical stresses, where standard materials often fail to perform.

Due to its robust nature, PTFE-4 is predominantly employed in industries where seals and other components are exposed to severe operating conditions. These include the oil and gas industry, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where reliability under extreme thermal environments and resistance to aggressive chemicals are crucial for maintaining system integrity and operational safety.

Additionally, PTFE-4 is invaluable in applications requiring low friction. This feature is particularly beneficial in dynamic systems where reduced friction translates into smoother operations and extended lifespan of both the seal and the machinery components. Moreover, the high extrusion and deformation resistance of PTFE-4 makes it an excellent choice for situations involving high pressures and compressive loads. Unlike PTFE-1, which may not perform adequately under such demanding conditions, PTFE-4 maintains its shape and effectiveness, preventing material flow and deformation that could compromise seal integrity.

Furthermore, its application is not limited to extreme conditions alone. PTFE-4 is also suitable for use in food processing equipment and medical devices, where non-toxicity and cleanliness are essential. The material’s ability to not absorb moisture and its “non-stick” surface ensures that it can be cleaned easily, making it ideal for hygienic applications that require frequent sterilization.

Overall, the physical and chemical properties of PTFE 104 allow it to meet the rigorous demands of modern engineering applications. Whether it is used in high-stress industrial settings or precise, cleanliness-critical environments, PTFE-4 provides a reliable and effective solution for a wide range of sealing needs.

Mainly used PTFE

  • Seals for low friction at high stress
  • Sliding and back-up elements
  • Seal parts with elastic support (elastomers, springs)

Material PTFE Data Sheet

Shore A
ASTM D2240
2,05 – 2,11
Tensile strength:
15 – 20
ISO 12086 ISO 527
Elongation at break:
150 – 200
ISO 12086 ISO 527
Compressive strength at 1% deformation
Deformation under load at room temperature 24 hours at 13,7 N/mm²
2,5 – 4
Permanent deformation as above after 24 hours of rest atroom temperature
2,5 – 4
Coefficient of Linear Expansion ( 25° – 100°C )
12 – 13
10-5 (mm/mm)/ °C
Min. service temperature
– 200
Max. service temperature
+ 260

All above established data results from random tests which were taken from the functioning production. All data was stated based on standard test-products in accordance with ISO, DIN and ASTM standards and can substantially not be extended to the completed seal. Our practical technical recommendation, either oral, written or through tests is given in conformity with our best knowledge. However, this data is to be regarded as non-obligatory advice, also taking into consideration any protective rights of a third party, and does not acquit you from making tests with our product in relation to its adaptability for the assigned process and intendment. Utilization, application and processing of the products befall completely outside of our control and are therefore solely your liability. As regards the responsibility, it will be limited to all damages in the value of the product which we delivered and you applied. Certainly, we do assure the immaculate quality of our products in concordance with our general sales and delivery conditions.