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Hydrolysis resistant
Hard grade hydrolysis
resistant polyurethane – yellow
Hard grade hydrolysis
resistant polyurethane – grey
Polyurethane suited for low
temperature conditions
Polyurethane bushings for seals

Polyurethane bushings for seals

Polyurethane (PU), born from the intricate amalgamation of diol and diisocyanate, stands as a testament to ingenious material synthesis. Diverging from the norms of conventional elastomers, PU elastomers shine with a distinctive set of attributes, showcasing unparalleled wear resistance, formidable tensile strength, and exceptional elasticity. Notably, they exhibit a remarkable resistance to gas permeability, setting them apart in the realm of materials.

At the heart of PU’s resilience lies its unique foundation – all variants of PU are rooted in a specialized ester polyol, meticulously designed to withstand hydrolysis even in the harshest environments, including hot water applications. This exceptional resilience extends its versatility across a myriad of applications.

Yet, the true triumph of PU lies in its exceptional wear resistance, positioning it as the cornerstone of seals across industries. The remarkable endurance embedded within polyurethane seals propels them to the forefront of modern material preferences. The seamless blend of science and innovation gives rise to a material that not only defies the rigors of wear and tear but also offers a unique elasticity that paves the way for diverse applications.

Embrace the power of polyurethane and welcome a material that redefines the boundaries of strength, resilience, and wear resistance. Discover its transformative capabilities as it becomes a linchpin in modern material innovation, all while ensuring your operations benefit from the remarkable attributes that PU brings to the table.