ALPANA sees itself as a leader when it comes to the production process of seals. Encompassing characteristics such as attention to detail, premium quality and most importantly fulfilling clients’ wishes.

ALPANA envisions to be a dominant player and the main driver towards future innovations in the field of seal technology. When we think of seals and quality, we think of ALPANA hence “Feel The Upgrade”!


ALPANA’s mission is simple providing high quality products at most competitive prices to achieve the greatest imaginable client satisfaction. ALPANA is present on all the global markets, providing clients with a variety of solutions to achieve an effective, reliable and qualitative results.

Where clients’ equipment does not allow for the needed results to be achieved, ALPANA provides the services of recommending and producing seals of any type and great range. We are not simply an another supplier, but also a consultant and an authority on anything to do with seals.