semi-finished tubes for seals

Materils: C-POM and PA6

C-POM material for seal
PA6 Polyamide material for seals
Polyamide ( Nylon)
c-pom material for seals
We shine a spotlight on the remarkable attributes of POM, PA, rigid fabric components, and UHMW-PE. These materials encompass a spectrum of possibilities, ranging from polyoxymethylene and polyamide (Nylon) to ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

POM and PA, both hailed as engineering thermoplastics, revolutionize the concept of material excellence. These materials elevate the standards with an unparalleled fusion of qualities, showcasing impeccable pressure resilience, extraordinary wear endurance, unmatched emergency dry-running capabilities, and a friction coefficient that is second to none.These materials, celebrated for their exceptional traits, form the bedrock of guide elements and backup rings, ensuring unwavering reliability in critical applications.

However, the synergy doesn’t end here. The amalgamation of POM, PA, rigid fabrics, and UHMW-PE materials with our seal offerings creates a comprehensive repertoire of solutions. These materials seamlessly address challenges, from handling high pressures to conquering wear concerns, all while striving for operational excellence.